Microsoft Certified IT Professional for NAV 5.0 Impossible ??

Hello there,

I am wondering for the way to be a Microsoft Certified IT Professional- Applications for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The fact is that some of MS Dynamics NAV exams ( from 4.0 ) in the table of getting certified are retired.

I already have the MB7-515 Certification and it seems that it is impossible to get the microsoft certified IT Professional

. (You must pass one required exam (MB7-515) and three elective exams to obtain a certification) . Now beside the required one only 2 exams are active .(MB7-638 and MB7-639 ) and mathematically is impossible to get another one.

Do you have any advice please?

Thnx in advance

There are versions of every test for 5.0 and 2009. If you take the correctly named exams you will be fine. You can always call up Microsoft to confirm. Microsoft is awful about updating their certification pages for Dynamics. So if it says to take a 4.0 Warehouse Management exam you can take any current version of Warehouse Management, etc.

Matt, you’re not quite right

MS Learning site lists the following Navision exams only:

and those for v4, although are still listed in MS Learning, can not be passed anymore.

It always is better to pass the latest version available (now it is 2009), although passed exams never never “expire” for the person who passed them.

I understand, that there IS difference between passing exams for v2009 and all previous (5, 4), but looks like for v5 there never existed full set of exams, the same as above I found at Prometric (examination) site, except the expired ones, of course.

Santuco, as you have postponed passing v4 exams, you have no choice - now you must learn a little bit additionally and go for v2009 exams… If you HAD already passed the required v4 exams, they would still count for certification

Microsoft Certified IT Professional – Applications for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

but now it’s too late, you can get only

Microsoft Certified IT Professional – Applications for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Thank you for your help Modris,

This mean that i should have the Financial Exam for 2009 ( MB7-839) and forget about the 5.0 exam that i passed ( MB7-515 )

and also i should look forward to pass the 2009 exams ?

I already scheduled for monday Trade and Inventory 5.0 ( MB7-638 ). Should i give up and take the new training material and start all over…Uh.

Thnx in advance

No, this still counts for certification…

Again no - you can pass it and it WILL count…

As some of the required exams currently are available only for v2009 (v4 expired, for v5 never have been released), THESE are the ones you have no other way than passing v2009 - Service Management, for example.
In that manner you CAN collect a mix of passed v5 and v2009 exams, giving you the “MCP Applications” certification.

BUT - if you are looking towards gaining this certification, it makes sense to do it for the latest Navision version - and you do not need to start preparing from ground up, as v2009 exams differ from v5 only in the part of what is new in v2009.

Some application areas had no or minimal additions/changes over different versions, I think that is the reason why some exams haven’t ever had a special, say, v5 version, only v4 and then v2009, leaving v5 out in this chain. Now MS has “expired” these v4 ones to enforce us to pass newer exams… But MS “is the boss” and we can’t do anything there [;)]

Thank you for the reply

Hello again Modris

Now i have passed the tests (A hell of material to read and learn :stuck_out_tongue: ) :

Mb7-515 , Financial & Setup 5.0

MB7-638: Trade and inventory 5.0

Mb7-843 - Warehouse Management 2009

and MB7-849 - Manufacturing 2009

Should i apply somwhere to get the

Microsoft Certified IT Professional – Applications for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009


You don’t have to apply. It will just show up on your Microsoft Transcript.

Thank you for the reply

Hello all,

Still having problem with the certification issue.

A previously mentioned in the post i already attain the certification but the Microsoft Certified IT Professional - Application for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is not shown on my Mcp account page.

Can you help me what is going on or how can i report this issue ? My region is Albania

Thank you


How much time has passed? It may take a while, I do not know exactly how much it is now, when all is done online through MCP site, but in those old days when certificates were a piece of paper I recall I waited for mine for about 6 weeks…

Hello Modris

Thank you for the reply. I agree with you about the fact what a certificate is but my company see it differently ( Since that they are paying).

The fact is that my colleague that passed the last exam one day after can see the certificate on his MCP account and i cant. As time period since the last exam i passed is about 6 days.

Im worried if it will not be possible for me to take the cert since that 2 of my exams are from NAV 5.0

Thank you, Gjergji

Call up the MCP number and ask them what is going on. The phone number should be listed on the Microsoft Certification site. I think it’s also on the Prometric site.


Prometric is just sayin that they are able to see my 4 exams passed in My Microsoft Transcript

Am i asking in the wrong way or to the wrong responsible persons ?\

My location is Albania


There is a number for Microsoft training.

Check the bottom where it says contact your regional service center.