Metadata error

Hi Friends,

Iam looking for the solution for metadata error. when Iam pulling any report from ax2012 the following error is popped up

“An exception of type MetdataException has occurred while performing the operation.”

Your help is appreciated.

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Hi Jaleel,

See whether this helps -

If not, please post error details posted in event viewer. Also let us know exact version of AX 2012.

Hi Jaleel,

First go to your Report Server & Restart the report server if the same error sustain then

full compile the AOT and then do CIL compile .

But it’s a time consuming process i hope it will work .

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Thank you Harish,

I have tried the solution in the blog but no + results, Iam using AX2012 R2 - CU7.

Thank you Sumit,

I will try this resolution, hope it will work… as users are working I will do it in the night and will update the status by tommorrow.

Thank you,