Message for C/AL programmers

Hi all,

When I try to send a customer card to word, using the new funcionality in version 5.0, the system shows me the following message:

Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified by GUID: Unknown Automation Server. Unknowns Clases. Check that the OLE control or Automation server is correctly installed and registered.

I’ve posted it in this forum (not regarding version 5.0) because it looks like a technical problem.

Thanks in a lot.

I have had this error, but only when I was using a version 4 Licence.
Are you working with a version 5 Licence?

hi Littleoaks:

We’ ve refreshed our license into version 5.0. Could it be refreshed badly?.


Did you instal MsXml parser?

hi Anna,

how can I know it?, We’ve installed the file Microsoft gave us. Is it another .exe?

Thanks a lot.

I’m not sure whether it is included in the installation CD. It is, anyway, available at microsoft download center

hi Anna,

thank you very much. I`ve installed one of the files which were in the url you sent me and now I can export letters in word or an excel file using that icon.

Thanks a lot!!![Y]