Merging forums

Dear members,

I’m currently in the process of cleaning up here on DUG. We currently have 80+ different forums here, but only about 10-15 are used on a weekly basis. Some haven’t had any new posts for years. At the same time, then the posts/answers still have value to many other users. So I am not going delete any posts, but merging them into other forums.

Generally all subforums to i.e. NAV development are moved into NAV development. In the community area I’ve already removed/merged 5 different forums. But I still want to remove more.

In the international forums, practically only the Indian and Italian is ever used. Here I like to ask you what you think?
Would it be a problem if an Italian asked in Italian in the regular forum? When there were maybe 30-50 posts in a forum per day, it was disturbing. But if a single question came every once and again, would it be a problem for anyone? So I was simply thinking of splitting the posts between NAV and AX (and GP), and move these old posts there. This way they would still accessible.

In my own opinion, then there is way too much clutter, making it more difficult to new members to find their way around in here.

Nobody has any thoughts about this?

A very important reason, not mentioned above, is then whenever there’s an open forum where you can post and nobody really uses the forum, then it ends up being a location where spammers can post their spam, almost unnoticed. I have just again found a whole bunch of their spam in the international forums.

So the result is that I have decided to shut down all the international forums. The existing forums will be closed permanently, but all users are encouraged to use the regular forums, even if they are not able to do it in English. So please be supportive of this and welcome them there. Although I must say that I have seen quite a lot of posts which are clearly “Google Translations” and in the end our members and moderators still find a way to help them.

The process of merging the other forums are also in progress, but takes some time, when I have to select each post by page. And some of the old forums have a lot of old posts.