Merge Duplicate Customer Records

We have identified quite a few cases where a customer has been entered more than once and has transactions booked against each record. This brings two questions to mind.

  1. Is there any way to merge customers?

  2. Any ideas on how to prevent duplication in the first place?

Thank you


  1. No not as standard

  2. Depends upon the version and processes in place, system and non-system. If setup the GAB will suggest on address creation the issues, but it depends upon the whole process.

I would suggest to transfer the balance to real customer - and start doing the transactions from there.


Is there any way to move the history over to the real customer and delete the other?

Thank you


No not as standard, and it would be frowned open for potential legal and audit reasons, but you would need to verify this and get the waivers signed.

The update would need to alter every historical table with the customer referenced - you need your partner involved to help you with this.