merge business contacts

Hi @All,

In Dynamics AX 2009 we created two Business Relations for one potential customer. For both we created (different) quotations and sent it. One of them has been transfered to a customer account.

How can I merge the two business relations, so the other Quotation will also refer to the customer account?

I don’t see any Feature to merge them in the business Relations form. I can’t merge the adress book contacts, because I can only have one business relation per entry. I can’t delete the quotation because it was already sent and thus posted. I can’t delete the other business relation because I have an quoatation .

Can someone help me? Or do I have to live with the useless relation and have to recreate the quotation with the correct customer account?

Thanks in advance


There is no option to realign these I believe.

Hi Adam,

thanks for the help, now I can stop looking for a solution that doesn’t exist. It seems I have to delete all quotations and then delete the Business relation.

Best regards