MenuSuite integration

I have trouble figuring out how the MenuSuite is going to work. As I see it, you have MSB, Country, Region, Partner, Company and 10 add-on’s which you can modify (well we can’t modify them all, but these are the levels that exists). My question is this. As a developer I want to make modifications to the menu for our customers, so I make a change - say in add-on 7. Now I export my object to the customer and all is fine. Now the customer contacts another partner to help develop his solution - the new partner also makes changes to the menu - say in add-on 7 - without knowing that I made changes to the same menu too. How can these menuitems coexist? Do the merge? or will the newer object simply replace the old? It seems odd that there are no option to make your own object ID’s on the MenuSuite objects - maybe I missed the point so maybe you guys can straighten me out here [:)] …

If the customer imports the new menusuite and let it replace your changes they will be gone - just like any other object. But he should be able to re-number your menusuites to one of the available numbers and thereby keeping them both. (Maybe a license issue, but then either you or the other partner should be able to assist him)

When new copies of MenuSuite objects are imported, they operate the same way as other object types - they replace the old copy. Unless the 2nd modifier starts with the modified version, as opposed to the unmodified version, when the 2nd modified copy is imported, the 1st copy is overwritten. Another point that is not made clear in the original documenation is that the MenuSuite structure is totally hierarchical. The Add-on menus are not one level of equals but are “summed” up in an overlay fashion just like all the other levels. There currently is no good way to determine where in the total set of menus in a MenuSuite modifications are without looking at all the levels to which you have access.