MenuSuite and Active Directory

I’m trying to deny users access to a given MenuSuite. I am using the standard security model, and the users have execute permissions on all MenuSuites.

I go to the menu suite, remove the user, close the menusuite (note it does not ask me to compile - I don’t know why), then click refresh the navigation pane and compile the menu suite objects. Finally I log in and out of NAV – yet still the menu suite appears.

One point: the user has SUPER permissions.

Any ideas?

Well when you give someone SUPER, you intend to give them access to everything. Assign the login to different roles. Maybe you can copy SUPER, and only specify the menusuite access.

Well, I was just testing with “user” with SUPER privileges. The same problem comes up when I test iwth other “users”

I’m putting “user” in quotes because I should have written Windows Group (!) in my original post. Is it possible to control MenuSuite permissions by Active Directory group?

Yes I believe it does work with groups. Instead of assigning roles to individual users, you assign the roles to the group, and you simply add individual windows users without assigning them any roles. The system knows they belong to the group, and they will ‘inherit’ the group’s permissions. Check the installation manual for details though, it’s been a while since I’ve worked with that.

Thanks – I didn’t find it in the manual, but I will try it out and post the result.