Menu in a navigation pane

Hi All,

I have one question. Is it possible to add a Department menu in a navigation pane in RTC ex: Administration? Not just a button to open me some object but the hole menu (to have same behavior like i open it from the Departments). Please look at the picture in attachment

Thanks in Advance

Not directly.

You can change the profile to CEO etc. and check how it looks.

Thanks for Your reply. And how can I do that? Do You have some link ?

check CUSTOMIZE THE NAVIGATION PANE IN NAV’ topic in below link


No, you cannot create you navigation menu exactly as the departments menu. You can only insert “list page” objects into the navigation menu.

But still study the link Mohana gave you.

In general then you should not think of the Navigation pane as the only menu for the user. But combine it with the role centers, then you an add the objects you need to access, which are not list pages, as functions in the role center page function band or directly as items on the users role center page.