Maximum number of Merge Fields

I have add some extra mergefields In Codeunit 5054 Wordmanagement. However it looks like if Word can only handle a maximum number of merge fields. Can somebody tell me if Word can handle a maximum number of merge fields.[:)]

Same impression here.

Yes, Word does have a limit, sorry off hand I can’t remember the number.

Can’t you remove some of the less usefull contact merge fields ?

May be this text from Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 212322 is of any help: How many fields (pieces of information) do you have for each record (the collection of the pieces of information)? If you have a few pieces of information for each record, you can use the Mail Merge Helper (on the Tools menu) in Word. There is a limitation of 63 fields in the Mail Merge Helper. If your number of fields exceeds this value, do not use the Mail Merge Helper. Instead, use one of the following: Use Microsoft Excel as your data source. The maximum number of data fields in an Excel worksheet is 256. Use a Microsoft Access database as your data source. Use a tab-delimited text file or a comma-delimited text file as your data source. Mail-merge performance degrades as the number of fields in the header row increases. The configuration of your computer and the available memory may also limit the number of fields that you can insert in your data document. The header record (row) cannot contain any spaces. Each header field is limited to 40 characters and must start with a letter. Each subsequent character must be a letter, a number, or the underscore character. All header fields must be filled in. For more information about limits for Word, click Microsoft Word Help on the Help menu, type limits for Word in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic.