Master planning Update marking

Hi everyone,

I saw alot of topics that talk about the Update marking function for master planning, everyone do not want this function but my client need it as they are production based on the individual sales order, once the production RAF, that should reserve to that individual sales order. When they create the sales order, they will only able to define the site and warehouse, then master planning will based on this to plan the order, they firm the planned production with Update marking = Standard. Meanwhile system also update the sales line Ordered reserved to the quantity in ProdTable.QtySched.

When they want to post the RAF journal with site, warehouse, batch and location, system prompt the message:

“There are transactions with status Reserved ordered for the dimension of item xxxxxxx.Consequently inventory dimension cannot be charged.”

It seems like system is checking against the dimension between the sales line and RAF journal. This is kind of unlogic as usually the batch and location only available during RAF journal and user cannot be update the batch and location to the sales line before post the RAF journal.

Is there any parameters I miss out or any dependency to actually activate this function? Kindly advise and thanks so much.



Make sure your batch and location are not primary stocked, check what it is actually reserving and marking on by looking at the marking and reservation details.

Hi AdminRoue,

Your hints does help alot, thanks and problem solved.