Master planning / on-hand issue (net requirements)

Has anyone ever had an issue, where on-hand quantity on item net requirements does not match to the actual on-hand? This causes a lot of unnecessary planned orders etc. I have checked positive days, etc., but even outside of positive days, you should be able to see the correct figure on the form.

Here is a screenshot of the problem. Net requirements screen and on-hand screen is from the same item. Dimenions (site, wh) are the same (coverage by wh dimension at dimension group). Screenshot is just after a full master planning run (without any filters), and I have double checked that the plan is the same. Of course all the action and futures messages with cancel are quite a mess at the moment.

Coverage code: Period
Coverage period: 1
Coverage time fence: 124
Negative days: 124
Positive days: 124
Minimum: 0
Fulfill minimum: Today
Minimum periods: False

Is the plan set to consider on-hand inventory?

Is negative stock activated? Only ask because the starting point is -40 so presuming it is.

Yes, forgot to mention. Plan is set to consider on hand. And negative is also allowed.

Also one very important thing I forgot to mention is, that when updating the plan directly from net requirement screen, on-hand is “alive” again.

Batch controlled items?

Any customisations?

AX2009 I see now!

That is only a filtered version, so this means you need to look at what is pulling it all and when, you are at a lower level so you are showing a subsection of the whole picture. Very difficult to troubleshoot from here, you need to dig into the details of the net requirements I am afraid. The full run shows you everything, which is interesting as it starts with a negative on hand when you have it on hand. Not seen this before I am afraid.

Have you checked if any of the related Warehouses are set to MANUAL control?..Which means the On Hand there is NOT considered available to MP

No batch controlled. There is one bom level up from where the requirements deriver from, been digging up and down but haven’t found anything special so far. Unfortunately some customization exists in coverage groups and related logic.

Maybe developer is needed to start solving this. I was basically trying to confirm, if in ANY case there should be difference in what shows at net req and on hand (sure there are many cases when on hand is not considered or is not consumed first, but even then, the correct on hand quantity should be seen at net req first level, correct?)

Thanks for your efforts so far. Weird thing is, that this always corrects when driven from net req form and always replicates when doing a complete mp run.

Hi, no, this is not the case. The on hand and all the issues are happening at the same wh. So I guess in that case we couldn’t see any planning happening at all.

He @techsami techsami, I encounter the same issue. Now in D365FO. I know it is an old post, but can you rememver what caused your issue!?

Thanks in advance for your reply!