master planning number sequence

What settings need to be turned on, off, or adjusted so that we can set the number sequence to be continuous for the reference “Master scheduling planned order number?” I can set it to continuous, but then am no longer able to run the scheduler. We get an error message that states:

“The number sequence Mast_16 for planned order numbers may not be continuous.”

I know it is possible, because the Contoso demo database is setup that way. Any help would be appreciated!


hi adam mulloy,

Have you tried to set the number sequence? Basic > Set up > Number Sequence. In the Mast _ 16 gen tab click the continuous field.

If u go to setup->numberseq->…general tab.-> chekbox ‘Continuous’ then u will get the solution

Neither responses help I am afraid if you read the post.

Adam I have seen this before but I just set it as non-continuous now, because the system will produce planned orders across multiple supply chains and does this by low level code and then I do not know how it orders it. I would guess there is something in the ordering of this that prevents it from retaining a continuous sequence - it cannot be by item number because of the formulation of this. I would not base anything on Cronus because of the way the data is hacked in, but you can set it and unset it in there, however if you need a definitive answer and cannot get it here you would need to ask Microsoft, or get a developer to debug the source.

Why do you need it to be continuous and what are you expecting? You would need to check this on the formulation of the creation of the planned orders in reality.

Thanks for quick responses, everyone. But since I last posted this inquiry, we decided to move forward and keep this sequence as non-continuous.

[:D] easiest way and continuous adds nothing given the context of the reference.