Master planning and minimum order quantity (purchase)

How to setup master planning to consider with minimum order quantity and multiples on site specific order settings (Purchase) of the item?

For example.
Product A has min/max coverage group and a minimum order quantity of 1000.
There is a sales order of 300pcs Product A. There is no stock or below min.
Run Master Planning, the master planning suggests a purchase order of 300pcs.
When I approve this order, AX does not take into account the minimum order quantity of 1000 and generates a PO of 300pcs.

How is the dimension group configured for item coverage?

Could you align the item coverage item settings and the demand by warehouse - or is it?

What is you maximum set to? Have you tried it by altering this to a period requirement?

The coverage plan by dimension is active on site/warehouse dimensions.

It is aligned. The maximum is 4000.

Using a period plan, the minimum purchase quantity and multiples do work. Thank you.

The question is … why does it not work using a min/max?

First question is why is it not suggesting to the maximum, which is what it should do. I will need to look later and see.

Don’t be confused, it suggests the maximum when chosing a min/max code. You are right. I was confused because other people took the same article in the same environment to test with.

Still, can I deviate from the maximum? Meaning, using a min/max plan, can the master plan suggest the minimum purchase quantity/multiple that is closest to the PO quantity?

Ah this is different. It will suggest the maximum, in will NOT suggest the minimum, UNLESS (I beleive) the suggestion of the maximum is less than the minimum. Can you give us the actual figures? You said it suggested 300, it would have been up to the 4000, but you have a minimum.

The actual figures:

Product A:

min: 20 / max: 4000

Item coverage group: min/max with code min/max

Default order settings: minimum order quantity (purchase): 1000, multiples: 250

Salesorder: Product A, qty 1100

Master planning suggests a purchase order of 4000pcs

What I want: suggest a purchase order of 1250pcs

I only get this expectation with coverage group code period

Then you cannot use min/max. The point of min/max is to always replenish to the maximum to cover the stock fluctuations of the item. You could achieve this with period. Why are you trying to use min/max when it is not the appropriate coverage setting for your requirements?

I would try to use a requirement based coverage group, with MOQ=1000 and increments of 250, try to model this.