Mass import of .fob files

Hi Guys,

Quick yes / no answer I hope …

I have several fob files to import as part of an integration to NAV 2009.

To make the deployment as seamless as possible, rather than manually going to File > Import in the Classic Client x number of times, would like to import them en mass i.e all at the same time in a one off process. Is this possible?

They are all unique fobs so won’t already be in the system to be deployed into.

Why don’t you just import them individually once, then export all of the necessary objects into one FOB file?

Hi Pete,

You can code this now in Nav 2009 (since SP1) using IMPORTOBJECTS function

PS. credit to Luc van Vugt see post

Hi Peter Royle,

No, unfortunately it is not possible.

Hi Dave,

Great, I’ll give that a try. As I mentioned, it’s not crucial just a nice to have for the project,

Thanks as always.

Thanx, DaveT! [Y]

You know I was considering giving Pete the same tip, but refrained as IMPORTOBJECTS only allows to import using .txt or .xml format. Unfortunately not .fob.