Martin Drab: Printing reports from code in AX2012


I found the example Martin Drab gave to print ssrs reports. I want to extend this example. I want to create C# project that will on a click of a button open AX client and display an already existing report.

Is this even possible to do or am I on the wrong path?


Is it possible? Everything is possible. Is it a good solution? It depends on what problem you’re solving. You would have to provide more information.

Maybe you want to open the report in web browser. Or maybe you want to provide parameters directly from the .NET application and render the report there in a ReportViewer.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick and promising reply [:D] I am creating a project in MVC which would be a dashboard site to view that SSRS report. Here are the steps from the top of my head:

  1. Click on ‘open AX report button’ from my site

  2. It should display the SSRS report (e.g. the named user license report) either in a browser, or an excel file or any format for that matter.

What is challenging me is how to reach that report through a button click from my browser.

I do very little with ASP.NET - you should rather ask in an ASP.NET / SSRS forum, unless you run something specific for AX. For now, try to look at Show SSRS Report in ASP.NET Web Page.