Marking of Stock

I’d like a quick and concise description of what stock marking does.

In a customer or vendor order you can click on inventory and ‘mark’ the incoming stock.

What are the effects and what general inconveniences have you found with this functionality?



Hi Monty,

Marking concept is quite steep to explain in one single post. But if you could drop me an email, I can send you a standard document on Marking.


Hello Harish, I’m trying to understand the “Update Marking” functionality in the Standard update tab, of the Master planning parameters. Is the Marking concept that you mention the same? Would you please share some documentation with me.

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HI Harish,

Can you upload the document?

Hi Monty,

The marking remembers a reserve, but it allows to combine the exit and act of receiving transactions. The financial value, then, is not determined on the basis of the cost of the stocking, but in the cost of the lot that was marked. The marking is important when attributing a cost of specific item to an exit. Moreover, it is useful when the item are returned.
The marking is based on the cost of a supply act of receiving (lot) and is considered a closing of stocking. During the closing of stocking, the marking substitutes the configuration of the model of stocking of the item, PEPS, UEPS and other models of supply that normally are used when finding the price of cost for the exits. The closing of supply always uses the price of cost of the marked act of receiving.
Murilo Oliveira


Can brief more about the marking feacture which i interest if can use in my environment.

I have scenario where : -

Item purchase qty 100 with purchase price 100 (batch 1). After few week, purchase qty 100 (batch 2), purchase cost: 150.

we dont like to maintain standard cost for this type of item. The sales should base on the batch. (how to know which base is which price?)

So, can marking help here?

Cost financial inventory at the batch level in the dimension group.

Hi Hako,

If you to want to sale batch 1 at the cost of purchase ($ 100,00), you you will have that in sales order " to mark" the item against purchase order of Batch 1.

And to make the same with Batch 2 to sale.

I get to answer its doubt?

Murilo Oliveira


do you mean, during PO receive. the batch need marked. Example: batch 1, qty: 100, price: 1000 . Batch 2, qty: 50, price: 600K

During sales order, sales price: 50/per,. Then , marking the batch to drop qty. Example: batch 1.

aft invoice posted, financial will post base on batch 1. 1000/100 qty=10 per pcs

sales price: 50.