Margin in report

I need to print a report with no margin. i put leftmargin to 0 and topmargin to 0 too but navision print a margin of about 1 milimeter. Somebody knows why?

What happens when you define a different paper format ?

when i configure the paper format like A5 it prints a margin of 3 centimeters left. any idea?

Try with a bigger paper format.

With A4 the same but with less margin. i continue trying.

There are other options: some printers (not printer-drivers, but the printer itself) can be configured to use a certain margin. Secondly the printer-driver can set margins.

Some years ago I had problems to print at the very buttom at the paper; solution was to set an option called something like “Skip perforation margin” - or something like that. In some cases I could make the setting in the printer-driver, otherwise i had the change setting in the printer itself.

Did you get to the bottom of this ? We have a client who is getting an unwanted left margin when they specify a printer in “Printer Selection”. This is visible in preview, so cant be a physical setting on the printer.