Manufacturing Questions

Hi Guys! We’re using Nav 3.6A and these are questions that I have: 1. How does the system handle work orders that have been released but that now have to be recalled (say a machine break-down)? Can raw materials be transferred from one work order to another? 2. When running MRP, system advises what the needs to produce are but does not advise what is on hand and what will be on hand after materials have been allocated to jobs. Is there any way of getting this information? 3. Can we do cyclical counts of raw materials and how are the count frequencies determined? Thanks Tatiana

Hi Tatiana 1. Essentially yes if you are using reservations. You can move these around. However if it is a machine breakdown are you not simply altering the routing? Depending upon your circumstances you could also use the blocked flag. Another consideration - are you forward flushing? 2. Do you want this by line on the requisition worksheet? Why do you want it? The system knows what is on hand when making the calculation of replenishment, and whether or not you consider this. If you set up your ordering policies correctly you should not really need this information. It sounds as though you are trying to put a manual intervention into a complicated calculation process. Alternatively, if it is the worksheet you could look at the item availability which would give you the inventory figures - although I think this will be the figures pre the worksheet run - as you have not yet committed these, so they have no immediate impact on inventory. 3. Yes - Physical Inventory Counting Periods on the warehouse tab of the item card.

Thanks Steven. Related to point 2, I need some kind of scheduling as I dont know when I released 3 or more orders how much qty will ne left on hand. I need a way for a MFG supervisor to schedule his jobs through MRP. Thanks

Hi Tatiana It sounds as though you require a manual intervention when more than one demand has been created. This will need to be written as a modificaiton I am afraid - and with some luck, exactly how you want it [;)]

I don’t understand why a modification is necessary. The Planning Availability report in the manufacturing module shows inventory on hand along with requirements, replenishments, and projected inventory balance. The Capacity Task List report in the Cap. Reqts. Planning module shows a dispatch list at the machine/workcenter level. I am refering to reports available in v3.70.

Hi Brian It depends upon Tatiana’s actual requirements, but in the original text it sounded as though she wanted to see this in the actual requisition worksheet, scheduling the physical release of orders at this point. Your approach is perfectly valid - depending upon Tatiana’s requirements, once the orders have been actioned from the requisition worksheet - prior to this they will not show as replenishments. Depends upon her full requirements - which is a little hard to get the full extent and requirement from a two line question!

Hi guys! In fact what I expected, it’s a kind of validation from the system of inventory when I released an order. Let’s say: I have 4 sales order with different ship dates for item A. When running MRP , yes I have all qty for end item ( item A) and components that need to be produced or purchased to get that qty pf item A.Whant I need to know is , if I released Work order 1, how can I analyse my inventory for the order orders that need also to be produced.

Hi Tatiana


how can I analyse my inventory for the order orders that need also to be produced.

Do you mean the sub-assemblies? The sentence is not very clear. Ultimately if you are running MRP, depending upon how you run it, these will be planned for, so either stock is available ,or planned to be available for all releases of the orders for Item A.