Manufacturing Multi-Level in NAV 4.0

We are trying to set it up according to the Training manual. The Production BOM of the Finished Item has a few components that need to be made at the Shop Floor. Customer needs to report output for each Work Center that the component goes through. We changed the Finished items and the components to MTO. But they do not appear under the Finished Item on the Firm Planned Order screen, only in components. They are suppose to appear indented under the Finished Item.


Hi Ed

I presume you have attached the Production BOM to each item, parent and manufactured sub-component? I am not clear where you do not see these. If you enter the parent on a production order you will see the components on the order (production journal expected consumption or under components). However if you want to plan for them you need to run teh planning worksheet if you have no stock of the manufactured subcomponents. I suppose I am not sure where you are trying to see them, under what circumstances and how your items are set-up.

Hi Ed

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Hi Ed,

If also component to be produced are on MTO, are they with Production Order as Replenishment System too? Did you use the Refresh function on production order to calculate line, components and routing? If so, also component appears under the parent item line, indented according to their low level code, instead of having a new production order for each component to produce. Anyway, each line will have its component attached and you will need to post output for each prod. order line.