Manufacturing module: Costing of work in progress

Dear David and friends,

Thank you for the warm welcome. I am having a question on costing.

Can dynamics cost “work in progress” according to the scenario given below?


1000 Kg of Sugar is issued to the kitchen store to be used in producing cakes.

Say 1 Kg can make 1 cake for example. The chef requests 20 Kgs of sugar

and use 8 Kg in making cakes. But though it was estimated that 1Kg can make

1 cake the chef makes 9 cakes from the 8 Kgs of sugar.


  1. In this scenario how can we cost the work in progress ?

  2. Can we enter the actual usage (8 Kgs) to the system ?

  3. Or should we enter 9 cakes so that the system will do a

backward calculation and say 9 Kgs have been utilized and

there are only 11 Kgs remaining (this is not reality by the way)

with the chef and 980 Kgs in the kitchen store?

Thank you in advance,



Dear David, is it possible for me to have your or any members

contact information - phone number - so that I could talk to

you and get certain clarifications sorted out,

Thank you again!

Well they are not “my memebrs”, but yes for sure you can get them to contact you. Many of The Dynamics User Group members are Freelancers, and available for exactly this type of work. Best would be to post here : .