Manufacturing Lot Sizes

Anyone know how to set lot size requirements for manufacturing orders/routings in the manufacturing module?

Situation: Clients are setting up Manufacturing, routings are set up and times are working… clients let us know that 2 of the routing steps have machines that run multiple parts at the same time. There are arbors that hold multiple parts. So a machine runs 12 parts at once. Meaning that the machine cycle time is for 12 parts not 1. Additionally I would prefer if we have an indicator telling the users that they need to start more or less units due to the arbor limitations.

Anyone run into this? Any suggestions?

Well, apparently this is an issue in GP. WilloWare seems to have an add on product that helps GP manage lot sizes and allows your work center to run a specific time for 1-xyz pieces, and divides the time by the size of the lot. GP does not do this natively. Thanks to all who read and thought about it!

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