Manufacturing error

While finishing a production order in Navision 3.60, we’re getting an error “Reserved Qty. (Base) must be reduced”. This happens while the Change Status routine for Production Orders is posting the Actual Consumption. I have run the debugger on it and it breaks when records in the Item Journal Line table are being modified and the Quantity field is being validated. Somehow, one of the components keeps showing a Reserved Qty. (Base) of “-1”. The Reserved Qty. (Base) of all the components in the Prod. Order Component table show the same value as 0. Has anyone run into this problem and successfully dealt with it? Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ALL the items and components have flushing method set to Backward. Thanks

Hi Bhamidi, There is a patch out there on MBS website, go get the patch and apply it, it will work. Thanks SB

We are having the same problem in 4.0 SP1…do you know where to get the patch? Do you have link? Thank you very much ! JJ