Hi All, As per the Document,the Production Order gets invoiced once the ‘Adjust Cost’ batch job is run(after posting both consumption and out put). However, in my case, inspite of running the ‘Adjust Cost’ Batch Job, the Production Order is not getting invoiced and the Production cost is not being assigned to the Produced Item. The cost continues to be the part of WIP. Can any one suggest as to why such is the beviour of the System(3.6)? Or any additional settings need to be done? Thanks in advance and Regards. Kashinath.

Hi Kashinath, Another important step you need to complete is “Change Status” of the Production order from “Released” to “Finished”. Only then should you run the Inventory batch jobs. Cheers !

Hi Kamath, Thanks for the reply. Yes,I did run ‘Adjust Cost’ batch job, only after changing the status of Production Orders to ‘Finished’. Yet, POs did not get invoiced and the cost was not assigned to the Produced Items. Any other possible ommissions Please? Thanks and Regards. Kashinath.

Hi, System will not invoice production order receipt until all issue item ledger entries get adjusted. I belive you have some Purchase Order that was not invoiced. Go to finishshed production order, select Entries->Item Ledger Entries and check that all entiries does not have checkmark in the field “Applied Entry to Adjust”. Also if you use subcontracting you have to invoice all Purchase Orders.