Managing Items in Multiple Companies

We use Business Central desktop version, and our company has merged with others, but the chart of accounts must stay different.

Is it possible for items, cross references, BOMs, etc. to be managed in Company A, and also be updated in Company B, C, and D, either immediately or daily?

Sales orders and PO’s (any transactions) are meant to be separate in each company.

What is the best way for all other item data to be updated so that items, UOM’s, shelf life’s, edits to any items, new items, cross references, etc. can be managed and added manually only in Company A, but all other Companies (B,C,D) have a mirror image when it comes to that data?

I am being asked to update every company separately and manually with every little edit or new item setup, and I am not a computer. :frowning:


If you are trying to maintain a Master Company and update other companies within the same database, I would recommend looking at these APP’s:

Hope this helps.