Manager Security by product or field

I’ve run into a bit of an issue and I am wondering if anyone has tried something similar.
We have a couple of product lines, that have a product manager. These products sell across all of our business units, by any of our sales team.

I would like to create a security role where these managers could see all of the opportunities related to that product but not be able to view the other opportunities that the sales person is working on.

Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. (even if the answer is it can’t be done. :slight_smile: )

@Kaitlin_Graham, it seems the solution would be very dependent on the other requirements of the security model. If you have a sandbox that I could get into with the production security model in place, I might be able to come up with some ideas.

Thanks for your offer @clint_woods - but I think I have found a decent solution. I created a workflow that automatic shares the records that are created with a specific product line.
We are still testing but I am hopeful that it will need our needs.