Management Reporter


i am unable to save the reports in Management Reporter In Ax 2009 because i am getting the Below error.

the Item cannot be saved because its not currently checked out to you.


This means that the building block which you are editing and trying to save has been checked out by someone else.

If you have Administrator privileges in MR, you can undo this checkout.

Select the Tools menu, and click on Checked out items:


Select the checkbox to show items from all users. Select the building block which you are trying to work with, and click on Undo checkout (Note: The other user may lose any changes they are trying to make.).

7853.MR-Checked out items.jpg

My screenshots are from MR 2012 connected to AX2012, but if I remember correctly it works the same for AX2009.


superb…thanx Brent it works.