Managed Solution Issue

Hello friends, please save me from pulling out my hair. I’m in a bit of sticky situation with a managed solution not making all necessary changes in the target environment and wondered if we could brainstorm potential solutions.

The source environment is a standard unmanaged dev environment. All configuration takes place here. The target environment is a managed UAT environment for testing before going live to production.

In a brand new solution, a section on an unmanaged form (copied from the managed form with OOB solution) was moved from one column to another. After publishing this configuration in the source environment, the section only appears in the new location - center column. Upon importing the managed solution into the target environment, the section has moved to the center column but there are also 2 remaining sections in the previous location (not appearing in the target environment).

I have tried many things to resolve this and am out of ideas.

Some of the attempted solutions:
Clone solution & import into target environment as “staging for upgrade”
Clone solution & import into target environment with classic interface
Removed the section completely from the form and import

Has anyone seen this before and how did you resolve it?