Manage Cost - Item Prices - Invalid Cost - use cost price by variant - latest cost price

Dear All,

I have some items with variants and (use cost price by variant) and (latest cost price) is selected on the release product. Unfortunately, some of the items with variants have weird costs in the item prices (Manage Cost of released products). The cost is in millions and due to this many purchased transactions like movement and returns have COGS calculated wrong.

After cost adjustment and recalculation, the cost is adjusted on the posted inventory transactions and financial vouchers but can someone advise how can I correct these costs in Item Prices.

Your advice is highly appreciated.


Does your item model group have the “include physical value” checkbox checked?

yes and model group is weighted average

do you need those prices in the manage costs tab to update after every transaction, or would you rather set them? if you’d rather set it, you can uncheck the “latest cost rice” option.

I want to keep the prices using the latest cost price but want to know how to correct the wrong prices

can you manually update them if they get too out of control, or is that unmanageable?

It is unmanageable because transactions of backdates from point of sales may come late to Axapta due to some network issues which takes a weird costs affecting COGS. Is there any standard practice to correct the costs or do I need to review daily and correct them

i wonder if there’s a way to stop them from getting messed up in the first place. usually, those cost prices are screwed up when inventory is sold before it’s purchased - meaning a sales invoice or movement or production order is ended before the material has been AP invoiced. is that what’s happening here?

Yes, we have our inventory model group with “include physical value” and “weighted average price” by which packing slips of the purchase order are generated and inventory is consumed in production order and sold to the customer. But the invoicing of packing slip happens later because the vendor sends invoices with customs after a period of time. Can you recommend what is the best practice to follow to resolve the cost issue.

Hopefully someone else has some ideas, but I think that’s just what happens when there’s material that’s not purchased before it’s sold.

To make this impact less, have you considered doing an inventory recalculation each night? You can schedule them in batch. Also, there’s a “check open quantities” field that allows you to generate a report showing transactions that are still open and have nothing to settle against. Have you been reviewing that to find the problems quicker?