Making a page editable inside role center.

Hello Nav Community,

I’m stuck with a problem for a while, and decided to share it with you guys. Hopefully somebody will help me.

my problem:

I created a simple page that contains activities/to-do’s for a user. And i added it to the role center page, and it works fine. However, the challenge comes when i try to edit the page, i cannot edit it, neither open it in edit mode. The requirement is to allow user to add new lines.

Page properties:

Pagetype: list

editable; yes, and so on.

if i’m not able to edit the page from role center, at least can i add so called action line or menu for the page. For example, something like that would be helpful:


So i can click on open/new to edit it.

Have you added your list page in Role Center page ?

Usually the list page included in Role Center is defined as type ‘List Part’.

Please change Page Type to ListPart and try again.

I have added it to role center, but it’s only in view mode.

Thank you sir, it worked