Make one field in a form equal another field

Hello everyone,

I am very new to Dynamics AX and I feel pretty lost right now. I have a form that holds to name fields. They contain the same information, so instead of have someone type the name in twice I am wanting to populate the second field when the first field in inputed.

I believe it would be as simple as smmBusRelTable.NameAlias = smmBusRelTable.Name. But I’m new at using methods. I put everything in a project to work on it and I was trying to create a method to the form itself on the NameAlias field. I’m pretty sure I would have to use a gotfocus command first.

Can anyone help me out with this. I know it’s pretty basic I’m sure.


If you want to implement it for all forms, update the field in modifiedField() method on smmBusRelTable table. Otherwise just do it in smmBusRelTable datasource of your form - expand datasource fields, then Name, right-click Methods, Override Method > modified.


Thanks for the reply. I did end up making the change in the modifiedField() on the table. It worked great.

Thanks again.