make field empty ?


when i click new to create new frecord in some form like inventbatch the date “proddate” take the date of today i would like make this field empty when I click new record how i can do this ?

thank you


Fields don’t show any value unless they are programmed to do so, check the code written on datasource’s create() method or insert() method of the table of the datasource.

The updatation is done from here

\Data Dictionary\Tables\InventBatch\Methods\initFromInventTrans

\Data Dictionary\Tables\InventBatch\Methods\initFromInventMovement.

It wont always take the today date, rather it tries to get the date from inventTrans , if not the reference table from where the batch number is created.(In case of production it takes scheduled date, if not delivery date of the prodTable)


i verified this but the method create() or insert() doesn’t exist in this form (inventbatch) !!


My bad! You had given the name of the form, as Kranthi has suggested, check the initFromInventTrans and initFromInventMovement methods on the InventBatch table.


in inventchbatch from there are not method initFromInventMovement and initFromInventTrans ?!!!


Have a look at the path that is mentioned in the reply post…

thank you i found it and its work fine