make All Navision into 3 decimal place


I have a small problem, some countries in the middle east have 3 decimal places .000, and they need to see it and use it. Is there a easy way to change from 2 to three or do i have to go to each report and amount feild and change them all??


In the General Ledger Setup, you can define how many decimals Navision uses and shows for amounts and unit amounts. (1 of the fields is NOT on the form). This is the setup for the local currency.
If you want to use other currencies, the setup for that currency is in the currency table.

Hi kriki,

thanks for your reply, but dont understand what you mean “1 of the fields is NOT on the form)” I added both the amount Decimal place and unit-amount decimal place and set them, are these not the setting for LCY?

What you mention is exactly the point, actually there are 4 fields that you shoule review and check for your setup - by default they are not visible in the General Ledger Setup form, and they are set default to 0.01… these are the 4 fields you should consider:

  • Amount Decimal Places
  • Unit-Amount Decimal Places
  • Amount Rounding Precision
  • Unit-Amount Rounding Precision