Make a dimension mandatory

Hi all,

Without modifying the system, how can we make sure that a user enters dimension ( i.e Cost center ) when the department is entered.? Thanks

If you are making the dimension mandatory in COA structure, then user has to enter dimensions otherwise the transactions will not be posted. Not sure if this answers your question.

The dimension can be defaulted on Journal if it has fixed value.


Thanks Pranav for your reply. I should be more precise . In fact , I want to be able to control that value at the PO line level.

So depending on the department, user should choose specific cost center to enter otherwise he shouldn’t be able to submit the Po to the workflow to be processed.

The COA configuration is not validated when user enters dimension values on PO/SO or any sub-ledger transactions. It’s validated only on journals because ledger account is identified and validation can be run. On Sub ledgers, the ledger account is not identified, system picks account as per posting profile only on an event like posting.

Not sure, but if there is dimension mismatch, system should throw error on confirmation. Please check if this helps you.


OK I see. So , there is no way to make sure that a user does not forget to enter a specific dimension when he creates the PO and submit it through wf? it’s only when posting that the system will check that?

Why Dont u add the Dimension to the Cost to the Department… so that when u are making an entry, it will always ask you to enter the dimension!

Go to GL> Financial Dimension> select Department and click the button Financial Dimension Values at the top… Add the Value cost and now whenever u make any entry to a journal it will ask you to specify the value COST!!

hope i didnt totally misunderstand your question

Hi Chitanya, thanks for hep.

I already have define all values for Department and Cost center in GL. Now when I create the PO , i would like to make sure that those fields are mandatory at the time that the PO is submitted to the WF not at the posting without doing a mod. I hope it’s a bit clear .

Use the account structure and specify the ledger account and the valid dimensions there. If the account structure is activated and when the user submits the PO without the valid dimensions, system will throw an infolog.

Hi Heylin, I got it now. I will use that. Thanks