Maintaining SQL Server

Hi, I need some suggestion for maintaining our SQL Server and our database. My company has 4 companies and huge databases and connection to it from all over the world. We are getting into to many locks with each other, even that we have 64 users. I must say that I didn’t see something like that yet. And having complex reports and huge amounts of styles/items, huge production etc. Because I am not the one who is maintaining the server,I would like a spect or steps what we have to do, so that I can address it with people in my company. Thank you for help.

Hi Suzi, I think that with isues like this, you really need to get in an expert to look at this. Its no good to get in a SQL expert, you really need an Navision SQL expert. Luckily you are in the right place, since on this forum you are sure to find one. In terms of your actual question, its hard to craete such a check list. Though if your SQL people have specific questions and post them here, they are likely to get answers.

Hi , I will tell about my experience due to this issue . Really you have to take care of many things due to sql server. 1.First don’t let you Log files in enterprise manager get very big . for me evry two days . Detaching and attaching and renaming the log file must happened . 2.Back up and restore once every week . 3. optmize your database from navision which makes the database too fast. 4. delete the Log entries inside navision if you are registering the logs 5. You have to test the keys . 6. Really I didn’t succeeded in to teat the realtionships because it take a long time . 7. Keep your server have a lot of space . 8. don’t ask for long reports during the day … keep at the end of the day But don’t try to do this if you are new . they are very sensitive works and needed to be applied when all the users are off . Good luck

Do you want to undertake this exercie as ‘best practice’ or because you are experiencing performance problems? Managing your SQL Server for your Navision implementation will need comprehensive investigation and analysis. We have just invested in 5 days work from a recognised expert and know it was worth every penny. You can optimise the operating system, the SQL server and the application with varying degrees of investment and return. [8D]

Hi Suzib, you seem to have vanished, so I am guessing that you have got all your issues resolved now. But do give concideration to getting a true SQL expert in to get your system running smoothly. It can be very expensive to do in house experimenting with a production system.