Maintaining NAV2009 Reports

General question on people’s opinion/preference.

If a client is not using 3-tier (only running classic and not role tailored). Would you bother maintaining or creating the layouts for NAV2009 reports?

If you client does not plan to use the RTC (role tailored client) then I wouldn’t bother doing it. It would be difficult to explain why he should pay for something he’s not using. On the other hand remember to make him clear, that if he later want to use the RTC, then the reports needs to be done.

But if that’s 1-2 years down the road, then it shouldn’t be an issue anyway, as the client (customer) most likely has changed in this period, so it would not be the same reports he would requesting anyway.

I agree with Erik. I’m doing budgets of NAV 2009 right now and most of them for classic client, with SQL (not native) but without including new functionality configuration…

I would think so.

How is that thing I heard about that you could actually still use the classic client reports in the RTC?

Yes you can either work in classic or new client, mean that functionality has not changed from nav 5.1 to 2009 and Microsoft didn’t (and I think shouldn’t) break out with old systems, so classic customer can open native DB, therefore I think you can still budget projects with native DB, even if I’m not doing it…

…I think is the best way to transition the next NAV version, that in my opinion will be web oriented, don’t you?

I agree with both your comments.

Classic customer - I wouldnt even bother. Budget should be prety much the same

If they are role tailored - I would bother in trying to make them look the same (for role tailored and classic). Keeping in mind budget will probably increase a little for customisation of reports.

Like Eric said - You can still run the classic report in role tailored client. So, its not end of the world if you dont do the new layout.