maintain charges for multiple purchase order

Dear all,

i have an requirement.

if for e.g. i am receiving multiple purchase order items from multiple vendor from same country in a single shipment. i want that shipment charges equally to be distributed for all the purchase order which i received.

could any one of you please let me know who to do this?.

thanks in advance.

Check this link :

Dear Ameen,

thanks for the replay.

in the post you said specify about adding misc. charges for one purchase order. but in my case i want to add single misc. charges invoice amount as misc. charges to multiple purchase order.

i wanted to distribute the misc. amount equally from all line item in multiple purchase order.

could you let me know how to do this?.

Your question is not clear to understand . Can you post your scenerio with values ?

Dear Ameen,

for example i have 2 purchase order 1001a, 1001b

the above said 2 purchase order are order for 2 different vendor but they belong to single country.

purchase order 1001a has 2 line items and purchase order 1001b has 2 line items.

after few days i am receiving the ordered quantity thought single shipment.

now when i am raising purchase receipt for 1001a and 1001b this single shipment charges need’s to be added for 2 respective purchase order.

let the shipment charges be 100.

so the misc. charges for purchase order 1001a should be 50 and for 1001b should be 50 and this misc. charges will be distributed for line item of respective purchase order.

this can be done manually by dividing the misc charges in to 2 half.

but my criteria is this misc. charges for purchase order 1001a and 1001b need’s to be calculated by system not manually.

first the misc. charges needs to be divided for 2 po’s and then to there distributed for there line item.

let me know how to process the same in ax 2012.

thanks in advance.

You need to caluclate manually and allocate that amount to each purchase order .

There is no automation functionality in AX 2009 , I believe it is applicable to AX 2012.