Main account type option

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In Main account type option we have total and reporting . Could explain about the both options ?

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With the option total you can group some ledgeraccounts / main accounts together and display the total. It is not possible to post transactions on a TOTAL account. On the fasttab “general”, button TOTALS, you can fill in the range of ledger accounts which will belong in the total

Main account types “reporting” are used in the financial statement. For those accounts you can setup fasttab “financial statement” for format options. On this account no transactions can be posted. The fasttab financial statement is company specific, so you need to set the level of main account to display on companies instead of chart of accounts.

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I am not clear about the above statement . Can you explain bit more ?

Reporting Account type is used for Report Formatting purpose. e.g. you want to print heading for Balance Sheet or any other financial statement, then this can be used for this purpose.

These are used for formatting purpose and transaction posting is not allowed


1 Create main account of type reporting.

2select the level of main account to display from Chart of Account to Companies and select with button + the relevant company.

3The fasttab “financial statement” will become available. Here you can setup how this reporting account must act in the financial statement.

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Thanks for the reply .

As you mentioned ,after i placing the check mark in the field Line above of Financial statement tab ( in above picture ), how can i use this Report option in the Financial Statement ?

Could you explain in detail?

This check box will print the line below when this account will be printed on any financial statement.

Could any explain the with an example about the Header/Page header/Empty Header in the Reporting type field. ?