Mail sending with Business Central

Hi everyone,

One of our customers, using BC365 in the cloud, wants to send the invoices by mail directly from the webClient, but they get an error. I tried to configure the SMTP with the data provided by their system manager, but I see this error:


i get this error using the configuration of their own SMTP server, into the O365… Using the O365 account, I get this error:


Which are the requirements to send mails from the web client? Any type of configuration may be in the O365 account?

Thank you very much

I guess that you by BC365 means Business Central?

You need to use the Mail setup wizard and connect it to the Office 365 master account.

Yes, it’s bussiness central.

I guess isn’t mandatory to use the O365 account, am I right? Our customer is trying to start session with the same mail account of their outlook configuration, because it hasnt got O365 mail license,…

I’m tryng to configure this way:


And i get this error:


And with this:


This error:


I guees I shoul be abble to configurate any SMTp account, but I’m getting those strange issues…

Any hint? Is it possible to integrate with a mail account out from O365?

Hello there

There are no differences between a Windows-client and Web-client when it comes to SMTP-mail setup. as it is not the client that sends the mail but the Service-tier. As you probably knows that SMTP-setup means that you do not have to have outlook installed. and when an email is sent, there is no mail in a sent-folder.

The typical difficulties with SMTP is that you have to know quite a lot about your mail-provider in order to get it to work.

The error-message tells you everything you need to know: “The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated…:”

So your SMTP-setup should be something like

SMTP Server: probably

SMTP Port 587

Authentication : Basic
Fill in User ID and Password (full email address and password)

And Tick the Secure Connection!

You might have to go into your office-365 administration account and edit the user.

also you might have to whitelist/greylist your domain (the domainname of where your servicetier is running - in o365)

If still not working send a screen dump of your smtp-settings from NAV in a private mail.

Thnaks for your answer Palle. The thing is that our customer doesn’t have an O365 account, so I’m trying to connect another SMTP server, and I get the errors you can see in my previous message…

Ahh… You cannot just use any provider for stuff like this. It is a security issue. So in order to tell you if its possible we need to know the settings in the SMTP-setup - In most cases the customer needs to contact the mail provider to get an answer if it is possible or not.

Mail-security settings are hardcore stuff - and necessary in order to prevent someone from outside a domain to send an email on behalf of someone inside the domain. (Thats why we got so many spam-mails in the world).

This is the config I can see in their outlook:

So, what should they ask to their masil provider?

Sorry I don’t speak Spanish?? But besides from that your setup is wrong At the top you can see it is POP-settings but your send is SMTP that is definately wrong. For sending the usual setting is SEND.xxxx - but again the provider should be able to give you the exact information.

You could do a simple test change the port til 587 it just might do the trick

AS you’ve said, seem that the are using POP instead of SMTP. I can also see this:


(if you need any translation… But I just want to show the POP/SMTP field)

YOu are saying to use the port 587, with the same configuration I sent before??


Palle, the POP section has simply been rolled up in the screenshot and the details showing are the ones that relate to the SMTP side of a “POP” Mailbox for sending (POP3 is a receive only service protocol).

I am not fully aware of what you are saying :wink: But the reason that I am mentioning POP is that you have to make sure that the ports that you are using must match to the protocol.

As I do not know the spanish provider therefore I can only see that something is wrong - hey, I don’t even know if they allow SMTP sending.

But basically

POP uses port 110/995
IMAP uses Port 143/993
SMTP uses port 87 and 465/587

Bottom line is this is actually not a Dynamics NAV/365 issue it is a settings issue.

Hi Palle. I meant if you look in the screenshot where it says “Correo entrante” (means “incoming mail”) it has the little ‘v’ button to expand that section - but in the screen snip that section is collapsed. If that had been expanded we’d (presumably) see his actual POP settings for the incoming mail. The snip then shows the “Correo saliente” (means outgoing mail) section where the SMTP settings are showing. I.e. although it’s the settings page for a POP3 account, he has populated the SMTP section relating to the outgoing mail.

I agree it may be the port and using 587 may work. The message mentions “anonymous mail” which suggests he isn’t passing authentication credentials at all, but if he is then maybe they’re not being accepted because it’s not the correct port.

@aitorNAV please can you check the POP3 part (but please don’t post the details here!). In the SMTP part you’ve ticked to say use the same credentials as the POP3 section (“Usar la misma configuracion que mi servidor de correo de entrada”) but maybe that itself is blank?

Ahh, yes now I understand :slight_smile: But as I started saying… I don’t speak spanish so I was Improvising by experience of the normal settings

Thanks both foru your answer, really appreciated.

I’ve configured this:

And I get:


And changing the port, with:

I get:


May be I should look at the outlook configuration as you’ve said?

Could be a firewall issue. Having said that, I think you need to contact the mail-server-provider to get the proper setting. Let them know what you have tried so far.

Thanks for everything. I’ll tell the customer that they must talk with the mail server provider to find the correct way to solve this issue.

Thnaks again

In the “old days” I always used Outlook Express to test any email issues with SMTP etc. Because this way, I were quickly able to validate (and prove to the customer/mail server provide) that it was NOT Navision that it was wrong with. Outlook Express because it was widely available and very easy to setup.

But generally, when there is something wrong with sending emails, then its not BC/NAV’s fault, but the data you put into it. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

I have moved the topic from the developers forum, into the technical forum. But please let us know what came out of your quest.