Magazine Subscriptions

Any NSC that has done enhancement like this? Please let me know ASAP. 1. Manage subscriptions by providing the following 1.1. Ability to pay for a subscription as part of a regular order 1.2. Ability to produce address files/labels for all customers who are on a given subscription list so that an issue can be mailed 1.3. Ability to generate renewal notices for subscribers when the renewal date comes due (subscriptions can be purchased at any time for a pre-determined period.) 1.4. Ability to generate a termination notice and terminate an unrenewed subscription if the customer has not renewed in a given period 2. Manage standing orders by providing the following 2.1. Ability to place a customer on a standing order list that will be used to send all future updates for an order item that has been identified as a standing order item 2.2. Ability to produce address files/labels for all customers who are on the given standing order list 2.3. Ability to invoice automatically for the standing order item sent 2.4. Ability to generate confirmation notices for customers on a given standing order list (in order to retain them on the list) 2.5. Ability to automatically delete customers on a standing order list if they have not confirmed their status on the list 3. Manage a miscellaneous mailing list 3.1. Ability to add, modify and delete a customer on a miscellaneous mailing list that is not associated with an order, subscription or standing order 3.2. Ability to produce address files/labels for customers on the mailing list based on specific selection criteria 4. Invoicing features 4.1. Ability to invoice customers on an immediate, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis 4.2. Invoicing frequency is defined for each customer 4.3. Ability to consolidate items on an invoice if the invoice is not immediate (e.g. 3 separate updates to the same original volume (Standing order) sent during a quarter should appear as one line with a quantity of 3 and an amount that is the total amount of all three items) 5. Packing Slip features 5.1. Ability to fulfill and mail as one shipment an order that is fulfilled from more than one location (i.e. one order has items from two different warehouses or some items that must be ‘prepared’ such as printed before they can be packaged) 6. Order Features 6.1. Ability to process an order and/or an order item with a zero value 6.2. Ability to issue a price quote, a prepayment request, a request for an official order 6.3. Ability to have multiple shipping addresses for a single order (e.g. one order may be composed of different items sent to a number of different shipping addresses. All items are billed to the same address)

Oh yes. The NSC I am working for did this. It is a registered Add-on called “NG Annonce” (“NG Subscriptions” in English"). If you would like further details, please feel free to contact mr. Ejnar Rahbek,, +45 86 51 22 00. Our website is currently only in Danish, but is in the process of being translated. I do know though that we have a leaflet describing the Add-on in English. Sure Ejnar Rahbek will send this to you. I can’t tell you much about the add-on, because I am working with an other add-on. But as you describe your wishes, it sounds just like our add-on. Hope this helps