LS Retail

Hi, We have also add ons for Navision from LS Retail . I have some questions about the replication used in Navision.

Can I ask the questions here or can you guide me where i have to go to ask those questions.

You are in right place. You can ask it in here.

Dear Sir ,

I almost responsible for repliaction setting up .

We have one headoffice + 30 stores…

we have special support for this strategy that they suggested to make server for each store groups (RBO) ---- Ho to RBO to POS and vise versa

My first question … I am not working in hardware but i am trying to help the Network administrator to determinethe size of the harddisk.

Can you give me an example of how many transaction for example need a space for example .

if you can send me also an example about the hardware requirements for replication , I would be very grateful

Hello We have a client that has 80 locations. They don’t use Store Groups, (makes replication a lot easier).

What is your transaction volume? This client has around 100 orders per store. each other has around 10 lines.

The harddisk space depends on number of transactions. So how many transactions do you expect from each store per day?

Hi Rashed ,

We did make the stores group to jet like for example the prices to one group then from this group to each POS .

Each store group (RBO) is a server and one database…

So do you think we will face problems?..We will start in 1/1/2008 … so I can’t tell until that moment …

the transaction from 40 to 100 depends on each location … let be in the safe side and consider it 100 … so how much do you think we need space per year ?

I need to know from you because you look you have experience in this issue .

Please any thing you will expect as a disadvantage side for store groups(RBO), don’t hesitate to tell me .

Thank you Rashed for your concern and attention .

Their main db is growing about

50-70 gig per year. They do have serialized items which creates lots and lots of transactions.

You can do an estimate by looking at the major tables. Calculated the size of a record and mulitply it by the number of transactions per day.

Also I’m guessing not all the stores will go live at the same day, So you must have a process to import the other transactions during the process.

Make sure the import doesn’t increment the replication counters.

Make sure to test the replication, although I don’t see a need to create the store groups and servers. You can replication directly for HQ server.

Hi Rashed ,

I only want to thank you for your help … you have given me important points … thanks again … hoping this message not to be late