LS Retail with NAV

Hi All,

we have been using LS Retail with Navision for our SME business for about 1 year now. We keep running into all sorts of integration issues. Has anyone else experienced the same. Trying to work through our partner to resolve some of these but this turns out to be too costly.

In the first place the two software partner should work harder on better integrating their software instead of overpromising.

Would appreciate some discussion.


Kindly let me what type of integration issues you are facing…

One of many examples:

LS REtail charges big $$$ for a bolt-on for the fashion industry. It advertises a Product Matrix functionality that essentially translates variants into a matrix for ease of processing. For example. Different Pants - Size - Colour.

LS Retails functionality is full of bugs and unfortunately, only provides basic functionality. LS Retail has left it to the user to configure modify reports (there are no standard reports delivered that display results with variants), screens, etc.

The function also ha a bug, where users get an empty matrix on item level and have to repeat the step of entering qty multiple time - very frustrating!

The issue here is that MS and LS Retail are marketing this solution to SME companies like ours. They don’t tell you that you either have to have your own IT department to do all these enhancements, or you have to contract very expensive consultants - neither of these scenarios is feasible for a SME!