LS Retail Voucher. (Error Connecting to Transaction Server )

Hi All,

I am facing one issue.

Trying to use Voucher in a store. And voucher is available in HO

Did all the web service settings.

But when using a Voucher it throws an error saying “Error Connecting to Transaction Server (9999)”

If any one faced this problem please help me out.

I know very little about LS Retail, but am I wrong to assume that their transaction servers are NAS servers? Have you checked that all services are running? Is that the only function which fails?

Ideally you could run the debugger, but you don’t say which version of NAV this is, nor if this is actually inside NAV? It doesn’t look like the screen dump you send is NAV. In that case, then you will have little chance to get much more help in here. Much better to contact LS Retail’s support, especially if this is a live system! [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

It worked…

Web Services was not executing when System name is used in the web service address, So I tried changing the System name to IP address and it worked…