LS Retail Replication Error in SQL Server Database

Whille trying to connect to SQL server for replication in LS Retail I found that application is throwing an error “The LSRetail40001_HO_Data.mdf database does not exist on the EIS37 server.” Though in database–> information is showing the particular MDF file. To be more specific I am giving the details that I have filled in Replication tab of Distribution LOcation Card. 1)Company Name 2)User ID 3)Location Uses Server =True 4)Server Name =EIS37 5)Db. Path & Name =LSRetail40001_HO_Data.mdf(I tried with full path also) 6)Version =4.00-SQL 7)Driver Type=SQL, 8)Active For Replication=True 9)Net type=tcp 10)Path to CFRONT given Please provide me some soln if anyone has done this sort of things. Also inform me if anyother parameter needs to be set.

did you check if the database is correctly placed? coz the error points to a wrong path. Also test the connections before replicating.