LS Retail - Replenishment Module

Hi Forum,

I have a problem with replenishment module with calculation type Like for Like. When i posted the open statement for the items with Like for Like method and run the periodic activity it will insert the lines in the Planned Stock Demand worksheet. In the Worksheet if i change the Process Method to Replen. Job then when i run the purchase or transfer replenishment journal it should insert into replenishment journal lines from planned stock demand.

But its not inserting the lines. so can anyone help me out in this as this is one of the immediate requirement of one of my client.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Satya,

If you specify the Replenishment Mehtod,Process Method in the Item card and do the sales…run the periodic activity report…

Records will be updated in to Planned stock demand table with the above parameters.

If you run the purchase/Transfer replensihment Journal—based on the parameters in the planned stock demand table…Journal lines will be inserted automatically…

If you update Journal lines — Planned stock demand table will not update