LS Retail Item tracking


anybody knows if LS Retail POS will support Lot number Tracking soon?

I believe you should be able to use the field “Lot No.” to perform lot number tracking on your items

on LS Retail POS???

1/ Go to LS Retail Back office, select the “Retail Item Card”, Setup your Lot Tracking (Item Tracking Tab)

2/ Go to LS Retail POS, add the Item you’ve just setup in set up in step1 into a POS Slip, post the invoice and check your item ledgers .

BTW I did not try it, give it a try and let us know

LS Retail 5.0 support only serial number tracking so far and not lot no, if u setup tracking on the card, when u scan the or choose the item, then the system will request the serial No.

if you set Lot number tracking, the system requests serial No, and not lot no, and u’ll not be able to complete transaction.

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Lot number are not supported and probably won’t be supported for LS retail for the same reason they won’t support bin code tracking. at a store when the client brings the item to purchase, are you going to ask him from which bin he selected the item or from which lot? i can see how inventory can get screwed up. Of course I do not know your business requirements, so it could be a different scenario. As far as modifying LS retail to handle lot won’t be that hard at POS Level. The problem will be posting the Lot no at statement time and if you don’t have it in inventory, you’ll be writing a new process to handle Lot no that are not in inventory.