LS POS Lookup Function

I would like to create a button that looks up a certain Inventory Department or Categories or a certain group of Customers. Is there anyway of making the lookup function filter on a particular field? Thanks. Sandy BTW Nav. 3.70 & LS ver. 3.75

When you run lookup, it takes filters from the current record, so you could set the filters before you hit lookup. In general though there are differnt ways of achiving what you are trying to do, if you can be more specific, I can give more examples on how to do it. (I am assuming that you are using lookup, so that you have the ability to automaticlly return to the selected record with out having to add code).

Basically what I’m trying to achieve is having a list of button with the most popular items listed from a particular department. The last two button consists of “lookup” buttons. Button 1 would lookup all the inventory (which is standard). Button 2 would lookup items from that particular department. This is where I need the assistance. And yes, you are correct, I would like to accomplish this without using code. I would have thought it would be reasonably easy since filtering is such basic part of Navision navigation. Thanks. Sandy.

By Department, I am assuming you mean Global Dimension 1 which does not exist on the Item table, so you are going to have to do some coding anyway, so I think its going to be your best solution.

Assumptions aren’t always so good. No, not by Dimension Code 1. (that’s a whole different ball of wax) The LS POS Add-on brings in more item categories. One called Item Department Code, the other called Item Group Code. Both these codes are stored in the Item Table. So they can filtered on easily, the problem is how do I do it using the Lookup Function in LS. Any other ideas? Sandy

Sandy, What exactly is the table you want to look up to? You should look for the fields in both tables which are the same and determine on what other fields you want to filter on. This way you can set the properties for a view. If you put this in a button on a form you can define a link to another table. If you want to filter on Item ledger entries with a department code, you have to find out if this field exists in the ledger enty table. If you want to add extra filters to define at run time, you can also add flowfilters to the orriginal table, and link them to the table you want to filter on. I hope this helps a little.[8D]

Marq, I am pretty sure that Sandy is refering to the push action::LookUpTable property, not trying to DrillDown or look up to a table relation. Basically what my assumption is, is that she want to select Push action = LookUpTable, and then be able to set filters that will then apply to the List form. For example, her user may be on the Item card, and wants to find a new item, by pressing F5, but wants the list form to be filtered by (say) Inventory Posting Group = resale (yes I know its not posting group, but I am just giving a Cronus example). Unfortnately this really needs to be done with code. Sandy is this what you are after.

First off gentleman, She is not a her, she is a he. Sandy is my name, and last time I check…ummm…yup, I’m still male. (Not to worry boys, common mistake) Now, on to the next mistake. The LS POS Add-on has built in commands that do certain functions. Anywhere from start a refund transaction, to discounting, to using a particular tender type. Two of these commands are called LOOKUP and INV_LOOKUP. These commands call a certain function like looking up a customer or item. These commands are used for creating the dynamic menu structure in the POS Terminal. THESE commands are the commands I would like use with a filter. No, this is not a standard form. No, these are not standard buttons. Now, if someone has LS POS experience I would love to find out how to do this. Thanks. Sandy

Hello Sandy, if you would be using Smart RetailSuite instead of LS, you would not have this problem. And I do not only say this because I’m the Senior Product Manager of SRS.

Sorry Sandy, not the first time I have done that. I am now going to check profiles before replying. I fact just replied to a Wendy that is also a male, so I am sure I woulod have called him a her as well. Sorry again.