Low Level Code


can anyone please tell me the step of calculate low level code? what is the diffence between low level code field in Item table and in BOM table?

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Motion, I’m sorry for posting in your thread without giving an answer but… can somebody tell me what does “low level code” means? [:$]

Low level code (LLC) represents the lowest level a part occupies considering all bills of material. The final product is at level 0. The components used directly in making the final products are at level 1. Components used in making level 1 items are at level 2, and so on. The reason for Calculating Low Level is that MRP(Material Resource Planning) processing is carried out one level at a time, starting at the highest level and working down.

OK, I knew what low level was, but I can’t reach to understand your question, sorry [:#]


Manufacturing - Setup - Manufacturing Setup. General Tab has “Dynamic Low-Level Code” which enables the system to automatically calcualte the items low level code when it is put on a BOM.

The LLC on the BOM denotes the level at which the BOM is used, whilst on the item it is the level the item is used in the BOM. If you look at Cronus item 1250 has a LLC of 1, whilst the BOM 1250 (remember it is NOT the item) has an LLC of 2 as the this is the item it is used on, each of the items in the BOM has a LLC of 2.

These are very important to keep updated to ensure planning works correctly.

If they are not created dynamically you need to run Manufacturing - Product Design - Calcualte Low Level Code

Thanks for your answer on this…still relevant after all these years