Lot No.

Hi Experts ,

How to setup for lot no. assignment?

in Navision, Lot No. setup is available in Item Card

I hope it will be similar in AX also as Lot No is related to Items

Assign a number sequence against the Lot Id in the Inventory management–>Parameters–>Number sequence.

Is this an AX question? AX Batch number or lot number? The AX lot number is VERY different from the NAV lot number.

Hi Adam ,

Yes i am discussing about this functionality in AX . I want to assign lot tracking for some items , to tracking it issuance ,production, consumption lot wise. My client want to assign lot manually for some items and for some items it should be automatically. Is it possible?

Please tell me in which chapter of AX lot tracking is availabe.



Hi Mohana ,

Thanx for your reply . But this funcationalty is not similar with NAV lot trakcing functionality.

I have used this fucnatonlty in NAV ,in NAV its very easy . But In AX its setup is not easy like NAV.

Yet thanks a lot for your reply.

Hi Satish ,

Thanks for your valuable reply .

I have tried to assign lot id assignment in Parameter . But it assign for all items .

My client want to define lot tracking for some items ,

and for some items lot tracking must be disable .

and Other things is client want to assign lot for item manually for some items and for some items it will be automatically.


I believe you are getting confused between two different things, Batch Number and Lot Id.

Lot Id is the unique identification number generated for every inventory transaction irrespective of Item Number. In more technical way it is called InventTransId.

Yep, batch number can be activated per item, can be assigned manually or automatically based on the requirement.

As I tried to point out, it is not lot tracking in AX, a lot number is VERY different. Kranthi has given you the answer, dimension group on the item - AX calls it a BATCH number. This is what you need to set up.