Lot No & Expiration Date in Warehouse

I need views on how Lot No and Expiration date works in Warehouse. I found two fields Lot No and Expiration date in Wahrehouse Activity Line table. can anyone suggest how these values are populated in this table. if a Purchase Order have a single Line but with a different Lot No for its Items and with different Expiration date defined in Line-> Item Tracking Lines then how these two fields are used in e.g. Put Aways. Plz reply ASAP as i have more queries on this.

Hi I suggest you set an item up with item tracking defined, the warehouse entries and lot informaiton ticked and process some through. The expiration date needs to be entered on the item tracking line, if the item tracking policies demand this. Once setup the booking of the goods in creates the expiry date entry. The warehouse entry table will show all of these as they are created. You however cannot have a “single” lot with differing expiry dates, these will be different lots. Expiry dates are not used in putaways. If you create a putaway from a purchase order you define this information in the item tracking lines.

Thanks Steaven. I was waiting for YOUR reply. Its a great help to me. It means the lot no and expiration date of the tracking lines cannt be used in reference to Putaways. if i set some parameter or requirement that a bin can have items of same expiration date then can you suggest which are i should focuss in warehouse. or i need to customize these. say a bin can have items of same lot no and items with same expiration date. what u suggest for this requirement.(for putaways and pick also)

Hi Navision will recommend this by bin, last or fixed. If you have a rule that stated you cannot mixed lot or expiry dates in the same bin and you want to replicate this in Navision you will need to modify the system. My first question is why? If you are afraid of mixing them in the bin then I assume the product is not labelled so you are afraid of non-stock rotation? If it is labelled you just need to control the picking. Alternatively you have a processing rule telling the user not to book the item into a bin with stock, they then put it in another bin and tell Navision which bin it used. Navision will pick on the earliest receipt transaction anyway (irrelevant to expiry date). If you need Navision to pick on earliest expiry you will also need a modification. Not sure why you feel these cannot be used with putaways, if the item is lotted with an expiry date, you will have to define these on the putaway, so they are used.